Brother CP-6500

Brother CP-6500 Computerized Sewing Machine


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The number of machines that cater to recreational stitching activity but at the same time offer some amount of professional functionality is not very high but it is gradually increasing. Among the few on the market, the Brother CP-6500 Computerized Sewing Machine makes its mark with a good blend of functionality, efficiency, simplicity and frugality. It may not be the cheapest machine on the market but for what it can do, it is definitely worth every penny spent, even at full retail price. The level of automation on this machine is quite good as we shall unveil later and the machine is quite small in size making it suitable more for the house than anything else.

On first looks, the machine is small. It doesn’t have a hefty build but the quality is quite decent. Granted, the machine is not cast in metal like the heavy duty ones out there but the plastic doesn’t dent either. Opening up the box reveals a very detailed instruction manual which is quite simple to follow. That confirms the fact that the Brother CP-6500 is built for beginners too despite all the advanced features that it possesses.

The list of features on this machine is quite impressive but not endless like the professional sewing machines. They are all easy for beginners to use but at the same time can do justice to specialized stitching too. There are over 60 varieties of built-in stitches and with their multiple options included, this number becomes a 100. All of them have adjustable parameters such as length, width and tension and these can be easily controlled through the LCD screen at the mere push of a button. The stitches cover all types that one can imagine ranging from the simplest utility ones to hold two pieces of fabric together to some very intricate decorative ones that are commonly found on designer clothes.

The functionality on the machine is designed to keep the user at use and this is evident even after hours of testing. The speed control for the motor is very easy to use and the broad range of speeds ensure for a smooth tailoring job. There are no jumps or kinks in the motor but it did have some trouble when thick fabric like felt was used probably because the machine is not meant for such jobs. Moreover, the level of automation in the machine is quite striking as even simple jobs like needle threading can be done by the computerized mechanism and at the same time buttonholes too can be done in a single step. In addition, it takes nothing more than a mere push of a button to control the stitching operation and even reverse the direction.

The work area comes with an LED lamp for easy viewing but it should have been a little bigger but that is constrained by the size of the machine. The accessories included with the Brother CP-6500 are exhaustive and useful too. The bobbin loading is very simple and the needle can be positioned in three different settings giving the user all the customization necessary. The only downside in this machine that was seen after testing was that the needle breaks rather quickly. Most users are happy with this manufacturer and have reported hardly any problems.


  • Great value for money
  • Decent variety of functions for a beginner machine
  • Accessories included are quite comprehensive
  • Small size renders easy stitching

  • Inability to stitch thick fabric
  • Needle mechanism rather brittle

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April 15, 2012

JanMeyers @ 12:30 pm #

Hi! I am a novice sewer. I wanted to buy an inexpensive machine that would allow me to do simple straight stitches on cotton fabric, light canvas, and soft leather. Do  you think this machine will do the trick? I’m working on making drawstring pants and satchels.

extesy @ 12:37 pm #

 @JanMeyers Hi Jan. I think this machine will be perfect for you. It’s easy to learn and use for beginners, and yet it still has some advanced features for you to use when you get more experience.

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