Brother CS-6000i

The Brother CS-6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine is quite possible the epitome of mid range sewing machines with its extremely affordable price and yet a whole list of capabilities and features that are bundled with it. This machine comes built with 60 stitching variants and functionality to embed buttons with ease and a whole host of accessories that include a zipper foot, a monogramming foot and even a blind stitch foot. In addition, one accessory that makes it worth every penny is the inclusion of several quilting accessories that makes the whole job of putting a quilt together very easy.

The best aspect of this machine is easily the computerized functionality. There is no need to even manually thread a needle as the system takes care of it all for you. Compared to some of the other competitors’ machines out there at the same price, this one is by far the easiest to use. In addition to automatic threading, the Brother CS-6000i is also capable of single step buttonhole punching and, as mentioned before 60 variants of stitches that encompass pretty much everything that is needed. There are some that are great functionally and others that are meant for aesthetic benefit.

Coming to the actual stitching mechanism, the LCD screen lets you handle pretty much every aspect you need. You can control the speed, the length and width of the stitch with it and at the press of a button the whole thing will have been done. It is a significant improvement over the other electric sewing machines in the market that feature very little automated functions. Furthermore, the accessories that come bundled with the CS-6000i are worth noting. The included foot additions are easy to attach to the machine and make even complicated tasks such as stitching a quilt very easy. Moreover, there is also a plastic table that can be fit to extend the work area for large projects. There are also 7 varieties of buttonholes to be punched and it takes the template from any button that can be inserted into the machine. All the accessories and functions are explained in detail in the instruction manual that is provided. On the whole, the machine is a great worker and is light, which means it can be hoisted around easily. The provided cover is great for keeping the dust out.

While there is a lot of functionality available with this machine, thanks to the accessories there are some minor shortfalls too. A common one that some users have experienced is that there is the absence of a ¼” foot in the box. Some problems are noticeable only after a certain amount of use or testing and the most common is the bundling of the thread. As the machine works, sometimes the thread clumps up and has to be rewound. This is especially noticeable in cheap quality thread but a good silk or cotton thread goes smoothly through the machine. Another problem is with the design of the table that is bundled with the machine: the rear of the table hangs loose as it is fitted so the legs always come in the way of working. The instruction manual has some common troubleshooting tips and these happen to be very helpful. On the whole, the machine is great for what it costs, and in fact beats some of the higher end ones out there in terms of value for money. However, this is not the ideal one for large scale sewing and heavy projects.


  • Value for money
  • Light weight
  • Includes lots of functions
  • Large extent of computerization
  • Loads of included accessories

  • Clumping of thread
  • Included cover doesn’t allow power cable to be plugged in
  • Not ideal for large projects

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