Brother PE-770

Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery machine with built-in memory, USB port, 6 lettering fonts and 136 built-in designs

Price: $559.00

4.2 out of 5 stars (1051 customer reviews)

30 used & new available from $489.13

The difference between sewing machines and computers is slowly narrowing with the introduction of machines like this Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine whose mega feature is the compatibility with USB memory sticks. This machine is predominantly designed for embroidery and highly specialized types at that. The machine is built to facilitate easy stitching and embroidery such as the inclusion of a specific embroidery work area. Moreover, the computerization of the machine enables it to handle most of the tasks with little effort from the user. The Brother PE-770 is part of the top end line-up in the market and rightfully so considering its features, performance and reliability.

Everything about this machine is high end. The in built library of stitches is vast with over 136 decorative patterns and in addition, users have a choice of 6 fonts for letters or signatures coupled with the option of 10 frame styles and 12 borders. The number of possibilities with all this is beyond imagination and they can be used to decorate anything from baby clothing to curtains and the like. The decorative stitches combine a good collection of scrolls, floral patterns, patchwork etc to give the user the freedom of choice. In addition, this machine is compatible with USB memory sticks and the Brother memory card library which lets users download patterns from the internet, some even as big as 5×7″ and use them for stitching. This process is virtually priceless as any stitch you see on the internet can be replicated at home with absolute ease.

Performance wise, the Brother PE-770 is quite impressive for an embroidery machine. It may not have the huge stitching rate of heavy duty machines but at 650 stitches per minute, that too embroidery ones, it must be commended. In addition to being able to stitch fast, the quality is great too. The number of discontinuities in the stitching are nearly zero and since most are decorative and need to be done separately, it doesn’t matter anyway. Moreover, the borders and the patterns, which are continuous are done to perfection without any loose ends. The knotting is done discretely in a corner or the like and the whole stitch converges to a point which makes for an overall impressive aesthetic.

The best feature of this machine is easily the control panel. There is a touch screen LCD with a bright backlight which lets users control every aspect of their stitching. The settings are chosen automatically to best suit the stitch but the option to change it to your liking is always available. In addition to this, there is the automatic needle threading system which is advanced on the inside but easy to use for the user and easy to use bobbin winding system. The machine is also accompanied by a whole host of accessories such as quilt feet and seam rippers for advanced projects and mending work.

The Brother PE-770 strives very hard to make stitching easy. This is emphasized by the large working area which is specially designed for embroidery work and the inclusion of a bright LED lamp to illuminate it properly. The machine hardly has any downsides as far as our testing goes. However, few users have reported the machine to malfunction after a couple of months of usage. We cannot confirm on this yet but this makes for a great buy but at a rather sizable investment.


  • Numerous functions for embroidery
  • Import stitches directly from the computer
  • Memory function stores stitches for later use

  • High price
  • Alleged malfunction after prolonged usage

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