Brother SE-400

The original designs of stitches may have been man’s ingenuity but there are some machines that do it best and the Brother SE-400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine epitomizes just that. As a high end sewing machine that is specially designed for embroidery and design, it comes with a variety of decorative stitches and other functions that enable users to carefully integrate complicated and impressive designs into their projects. In addition, the on board computer takes care of a lot of work and users just have to tell the machine what needs to be done. It was indeed a pleasure to test and review this machine and the results were quite wonderful.

The first impressive thing that you see about this machine is the number of stitches that come with it. There are over 70 built-in designs specially for embroidery and these are coupled with 120 frame pattern combinations. Moreover, the machine has a choice of 5 embroidery lettering fonts to choose the monogrammed letters and signatures. All this means that there is an immense level of customization available and this machine caters to professionals on a whole new level. Despite that, it is great to use at home as well for some recreational embroidery work. Brother has made this machine well suited for intricate work by including a special embroidery work area that is well lit with a bright lamp.

The computerization on this machine is not limited to the large screen and the availability of a variety of designs. The Brother SE-400 can be directly linked to a computer via USB and designs can be imported from the internet and other sources. This means that you can now have on your fabric what you see somewhere on the internet even if there is absolutely no idea on where to start and how to go about it. The machine is also very interactive as the display shows instructions on how to use various functions of the machine.

Coming to the performance of the machine, there is just one word to describe it all: spectacular. The machine is well built so it can withstand the chugging of the electric motor on the inside. Irrespective of the speed of stitching and the depth of the needle or the variety of fabric and thread used, the machine continues stitching at the same tension, which again is automatically adjusted. There were no jumps, unfinished stitches and the like. All the decorative ones were done to perfection and even the buttonholes were firm and had no loose ends. As mentioned before, this one is built for embroidery and even symmetrical patterns are taken care of. The same stitch can be rotated by any amount and even flipped around or reflected, as per the user’s choice.

This machine is truly impressive and though it is priced quite high, discounts seem to be available occasionally. Irrespective, it is great if you can afford one. There are a few shortcomings though and the biggest one is that this machine has only 512kb of memory on board so the number of designs is limited. However, there is the option of extra memory cards but that means spending more on an expensive machine. The accessories included are quite impressive but there should have been an assortment of embroidery loops considering that is what the Brother SE-400 is built for.


  • Embroidery can be handled very easily
  • Great collection of stitches
  • Easy interface with computer for new designs
  • Unbelievable performance

  • Only 512KB of on board memory
  • Retail price is quite high

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