Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother sewing machines are among the most respected ones in the market today and are noted for their value for money coupled by the elegant designs that suit any household. The same machines can also be used for professional work including heavy duty stitching thanks to their characteristic adjustable motors and heavy duty needles.

The range of sewing machines from Brother is quite vast and they cater to almost every possible requirement in the market. Whether you are a beginner or a professional tailor, you will find that there is something for you. The entry level ones are simple in design and are very easy to use and are not cluttered by incomprehensible functions. The higher end machines offer a great level of functionality with a plethora of stitches and other functions which can be used to get the job done in a jiffy. Moreover, they can be tuned to work with plenty of fabrics; from fine linen to even the thickest denim. Brother sewing machines also have some unique features to the tune of one touch functions and an all touch panel to control the stitching parameters. In addition, they are well reputed to offer a good host of accessories that would otherwise cost much more. These accessories do go a long way in adding functions to the machine and they are compatible with all machines from Brother, which is quite a relief for regular users.

Easily the best aspect of Brother Sewing Machines is the pricing. They are all priced reasonably and for what they offer, are quite possibly the best value for money machines on the market. When compared to the competition from other brands, Brother machines with the same features cost a good 20% less. Customer satisfaction is quite high with Brother sewing machines and they are popular all around the world.

The Brother CS-6000i is a great value for money electronic sewing machine that comes bundled with a whole host of accessories and some impressive functions. Most of the conventional functionality is computerized in this machine and the built in LCD screen is easy to navigate around. If you are not going to be working on large projects and want to steer clear of low quality thread then this machine is the best for you. It is far cheaper than the competition in the market but functions much, much better.

The Brother PC-420PRW is the way to go if you are looking to become as good as professional in the next few weeks. With its large collection of stitches and the option of storing your own coupled with the twin needle mechanism, it is ideal for quick stitching without compromising on creativity or quality. Of course, all this comes at a higher price than the basic machines in the market but it is worth the extra money thanks to the accessories included for free.

Basic functionality is all that is given in this machine with a decent level of computerization. It is among the cheapest machines in the market but what makes the Brother CP-7500 stand out is its small size. However, there is a good collection of stitches on board and most of the functions work well and if you can handle it with care because of the low quality plastic used in the casing, this machine is the ideal one for you.

If you are a beginner looking to get some experience with a stitching machine or if you are good with the art of tailoring and are looking for a good machine to work with, the Brother CP-6500 is the ideal one thanks to the huge host of functions and economical pricing. The machine comes with a large variety of built in stitches and a sizable number of accessories that cater to a large number of stitching jobs. Furthermore, the machine is quite light and it makes for an ideal household appliance. The level of automation is fairly high in the machine and most of the work is taken care of.

Every now and then you come across a machine that you know is right and the Brother PC-210PRW is one of them, provided you are willing to spend that extra penny. The machine functions in a large number of departments and does its job perfectly without any trouble. The level of computerization is impressive and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about breaking it because of the built-in alarm. The price is slightly on the higher side but worth all the money.

It is everyone’s desire to have a machine that can do everything and if you crave for something like that, the Brother SE-400 is the best one for you. With the ability to stitch pretty much everything under the sun and a price tag that is reasonable, there is nothing that can beat it in the current market. Computer interface and automatic patterning with stitches are just another day at work for this machine which perfectly combines the elegance of traditional embroidery and the efficiency of modern technology.

If owning the best machine in the market is a dream, then look no further than the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine. This machine combines all the features of a computer and a sewing machine and at the same time is easy to use for both beginners as well as professionals. Embroidery work is child’s play with this as the machine takes care of most of the work. The price is a little high but you get every penny’s worth in terms of performance and reliability.

From one of the best manufactuers in the business, comes Brother LB-6800PRW – the impressive machine that is tailormade for embroidery. With a large collection of stitches to decorate your work, all of which work perfectly, this machine is ideal to add a little aesthetics. However, the performance on the utility front is not up to the mark but considering that this machine doesn’t stretch anyone’s budget too much it is great for some design work. An impressive computerized mechanism makes the job a whole lot easier.

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