Along with a good sewing machine, sewing supplies are essential for the completion of any project. Without the right supplies, there is every chance of damaging the fabric and even the machine. In addition to choosing sewing supplies with respect to the machine, the fabric that is being worked on must also be carefully considered. […]

Stitching in its variety of forms is a great hobby and a lot of us dream of learning it and with the help of the sewing machines for beginners, it is indeed possible to learn and create something at the same time. When machines are designed for beginners they have a few things and don’t […]

Before buying a machine, everyone wants to know the best sewing machine but in reality there is no such thing. Instead, the right question is which one suits you best. This is something that can be answered and with several criteria such as the type of stitching that interests you or your level of proficiency […]