Janome 7318

A simple, no frills electrical sewing machine is what the Janome 7318 Magnolia is. With a limited list of features and analog control for pretty much everything it is nothing more than the conventional sewing machine with the ease of an electric motor. This machine is very economical and is a great performer which makes it ideal for beginners or those who require stitching on a regular basis for their business. While the Janome 7318 is a budget machine, it is by no means an underperformer or anything similar as our tests showed. In fact, it happens to be one of the best performing machines in the market right now albeit for a few quirks and kinks.

In essence, this machine is no more than an electronic, partially automated version of the conventional sewing machine. It features 18 built-in stitches that can be chosen with the turn of a dial. Note that this mechanism is still analog while a lot of the competing ones have digital mechanisms with a single button push. However, the stitches work great and the tension is perfect in pretty much all of them. The decorative ones tend to get a little loose as the stitching goes on but a mere tug of the thread or string will do the trick and everything will be set back to normal. In addition to the built-in stitches, there is a mechanism of automatic buttonholes and 4 designs to choose from. These too can be chosen from the dial and the process is very simple.

For a machine that is rather primitive in terms of automation and adjustment, there is surprisingly room for adjusting every aspect of the stitching. Length and tension are adjustable by the user and the job is taken care of after that. A key feature that is missing on this machine is automatic needle threading. Granted it comes with the computerization of the whole machine but a small lever mechanism that takes care of the job would have been a nice touch as users will now have to live with the painstaking effort of sliding the thread through the eye of the needle.

Though this machine falls in the economical bracket of the market, the number of accessories included are quite a few in number. There is a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, and a sliding buttonhole foot in addition to a variety of seam rippers and screw drivers for general maintenance. A rather neat feature included is the top loading of the bobbins which ensures that thread can be loaded very easily without removing any of the casing of the machine, which is quite strong for a machine like this. The extension table can also be removed while working with large projects.

Performance wise, there is nothing wrong with this machine and our tests went smoothly. Occasionally, the string had to be pulled to make sure there were no jumps. The real downside in this machine is the absence of certain automatic features like needle threading and bobbin winding. This is by no means saying that the machine is not worthwhile but for the price, at least the bare minimum of automation should have been included. Users too have found little to no trouble with the machine but some have reported absence of accessories.


  • Great performance
  • Sturdy build
  • Impressive list of accessories included
  • Build quality is commendable

  • Very low level of automation
  • String becomes loose while stitching

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