Janome Sewing Machine Reviews

Synonymous with perfection stitching, Janome sewing machines are among the top three in the market. This Japanese manufacturer ensures that all the products are of cutting edge quality and offer functions that make stitching very simple and enjoyable. The interesting aspect of Janome machines it the level of automation and computerization. Even the most basic ones feature digital control of all the stitching parameters and offer automatic functions like needle threading that save a great deal of time.

Janome sewing machines range from comprehensive ones capable of doing every household task to specialized ones for professional stitching. The latter category encompasses the dedicated quilting, embroidery and other machines that are to be used in tandem with other machines for the finest results. The household machines can do a variety of tasks too but not at the same efficiency. Though the motors and other hardware used are similar, they are not tuned to the same level. Janome sewing machines are capable of tackling any type of fabric and the stitches offered range from simple utility ones to elaborate and intricate decorative stitches for aesthetic benefit.

The most noted feature of Janome sewing machines is the ease with which they can be used for embroidery. The collection of stitches on the electrical machines, which are done automatically by the machine, is great and the designs are impressive. They are done in no time and to a great level of perfection too. In fact some machines feature over 400 variants of stitches and all of them can be used on any fabric without any hassle, with a majority of them offering one touch functions. The pricing policy of Janome is competitive with the high end machines costing a little more than the competition. However, the build quality and the finishing of Janome sewing machines are well worth the extra penny.

With a full metal body the Janome HD1000 exudes performance from every inch of the body. Coupled with a ton of accessories this machine can take care of any type of project provided there is not much work to be done in the design department because of the lack of a large choice of stitches. With the ability to work with any material and thread this machine is great for building the base of any project that you might work on. The machine is priced slightly higher than you’d expect but the performance more than makes up for it all.

The Janome 7318 is a great machine for the recreational tailor whose job is limited to repairing the usual household clothes but at the same time it can be used for the basic tailoring jobs on a small scale as well. With a limited list of features, this machine is not the complete package out there but what it can do, it does amazing! The pricing of the machine puts it in the lower bracket of the market but by going for this one, users will compromise on the automation in sewing machines that is so common these days.

For a fully computerized machine that is capable of both utility and decorative stitching and even more with the included accessories, the Janome 8077 is the way to go. The extent of automation is impressive and it makes stitching a pleasure for pretty much everyone. This machine is priced reasonably and comparable products are in the higher range in the market but if you can afford them, go for those as this one tends to waver occasionally. However, if it fits in with your budget, by all means go for it.

For those of you looking to replace an existing machine, look no further because the Janome 7330 is a major improvement than anything from the previous generation. Also, if you have leftover accessories, they will come in useful because this machine has very few of them. Apart from that, the machine is a great performer for a mid range sewing machine and is capable of most utility tasks but falls slightly behind on the design front. Great for learners and utility stitching but embroidery might have to look for an alternative.

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