Singer 3323S

A lightweight machine, the Singer 3323S Talent Sewing Machine is designed mainly for household stitching jobs with some functions that enable it to work on small scale projects. This is by no means a professional stitching machine and neither can it process a large number of jobs as it doesn’t have the right motor for it. Considering that this is an entry level machine, it offers great value for money in terms of the functions it has and the way it performs just those. If you are looking for something to do extensive work with elegant and intricate art, look for something else right away.

The Singer 3323S weighs in at a mere 13 pounds which is almost half the weight of other sewing machines. The difference in weight can be seen in more than just the box and the build; this one doesn’t feature as many functions as the others. This machine is for starters and can perform the basic functions but it is seriously limited by the number of built-in stitches. There are only 23 and this includes both utility and decorative ones, which leaves users with hardly any choice. However, the drop feed on this machine allows for free stitching quite easily so users who wish to use their own patterns can do so freely. While the machine is still primitive in its approach to automatic stitching, it does have the one step buttonholes as opposed to the normal four step ones on similarly priced machines. Again, there is only one buttonhole, which is the basic one but this machine is clearly a no-frills one that gets the job done.

Coming to the adjustments, the tension and width of each stitch can be adjusted and it stays in place as the sewing goes on. Choosing the stitch and setting the parameters is all done with the help of a dial that is quite easy to control. For a predominantly mechanical machine, the automatic threading facility comes in as a pleasant surprise. It takes the pressure of getting the threading right and irrespective of the quality of thread used here, it goes in the needle and the stitching can be done. The bobbin can also be just dropped in and doesn’t need to be wound around; another interesting feature of this basic machine.

Despite being an entry level machine, the Singer 3323S comes with a generous load of accessories, which help in increasing the productivity. They add the ability to stitch zippers, hems and ruffles and many more. In fact, this is one of the best parts of the machine as there are others which have no such included feet and buying all of them would add a lot to the price.

While the machine performs great on some fronts, especially considering its precedence and price, there are some areas which are clearly lacking. For example, speed is controlled only with a foot pedal whereas an alternate handy option would have been preferable. Moreover, the essential needle memory function is not available. It is not always easy to remember whether the needle has to pushed up or let down while storing the machine.

On the whole, the machine is worth the money, save for a few drawbacks. If you are considering this machine, do so only if you need to learn stitching and your tailoring needs are limited to household repairs and mending but if you have used other machines in the past, chances are you will need something more professional.


  • Easy to use machine
  • Great value for money
  • Lots of included accessories

  • No needle memory option
  • Speed control only through foot slider

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