Singer 7258

The name Singer, since a few decades at least, brings to mind the picture of people sewing away with great ease while sitting at machines. Since the first mechanical machine, Singer sewing machines have evolved over time and Singer 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine is everything that the company stands for now. It is light and easy to use and takes care of a lot of functions automatically that otherwise require painstaking effort. Moreover, it is one of the most economical machines out there with a very small price tag. The machine comes bundled with several accessories and tools that make any stitching job as easy as child’s play.

The Singer 7258 features 100 styles of stitching that can cover any manner of stitching or sewing necessary. Whether it is something functional, just to hold two pieces of fabric in place or an elaborate piece of tailoring art, this machine does it with ease. The styles are organized logically and it takes nothing more than a single button press to select the stitch. Moreover, the length, breadth and tension are adjusted automatically. Other automatic functions in this machine include the buttonhole functionality that offers 6 choices and even automatic threading. Couple these with the fact that the machine automatically detaches the needle when winding the bobbin and in built stretch stitches to add strength along the seams.

The LCD screen on this machine lets the user control pretty much every possible function with ease. The buttons make the adjustments needed for the right type of stitching. One unique feature of this machine is the inclusion of an illuminating LED lamp to offer a better view of the stitching surface. This lamp can run for hours with heating up and causing inconvenience. Coming to the accessories that are included, the zipper foot is very useful when repairing trousers and there is also a blind hem foot and another one for decorative stitches. All these make the machine more functional and add great value to it!

With the Singer 7258, this popular company has given the user the best blend of modernity and conventional technology. While there is electronic speed control, the same can be adjusted with a foot pedal, which is quite sensitive but at the same increased productivity. Testing has shown that this one is a little tight to start off with but it fits in well as usage increases. The machine is ideal to use undoubtedly, but there are certain drawbacks that became evident after rigorous testing. The major one was the knotting up of thread inside a bobbin. This posed some inconvenience because everything had to be rewound and there is no pattern for this problem. Moreover, the decorative stitches are a little loose in the fabric but this might be because of the thread used. In addition, some users have reported that the foot press becomes desensitized. Despite the shortfalls, users love the neat inclusion that enables the needle to be stored in “up” or “down” position to avoid any pricking or needle damage.

This machine has its problems but the elegant way in which it performs, quiet and smooth and the truckload of features in it more than make up for the downsides. Plus, it is pretty cheap so it makes for a great buy.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use functions
  • 100 stitches built-in
  • Detailed instruction manual

  • Thread knotting up in bobbin
  • Foot pedal gets desensitized
  • No case included

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