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SINGER 7442 Electronic Sewing Machine


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The Singer 7442 Electronic Sewing Machine is the next machine in the ladder, above the conventional mechanical sewing machine. In addition to being an electrical variant over the normal machine, it features several other automatic features that make it worthwhile to purchase. This machine is the very basic of electronic sewing machines and is best suited for beginner tailors who are looking to learn something or professionals who prefer everything to be manual and know exactly what has to be done. Either way, the performance of the machine is quite impressive for its price range and standards.

First impressions of the machine are not very memorable as it is nothing more than a box with a needle and a bunch of switches on the side. In addition, it is quite heavy which means moving it around is not very simple. On closer, inspection and usage a lot of features are revealed, some of which are quite neat indeed. The Singer 7442 features 30 built-in stitches and these include the functional zig-zag ones used to build fabric and the like and at the same time features crown, domino and other decorative designs. All of these can be chosen by the right switch on the front panel of the machine. Note that this machine is electronic but not computerized, which means that everything is a switch and there are no convenient buttons to push and press. In some ways this is more convenient but the clean fa├žade of the latter is missing.

Other automatic features of the machine include one step buttonholes, of which there are 2 styles and punching a row of them is quite simple. Moreover, the settings such as the width and tension of a stitch are automatically adjusted. While there is a manual option to do this it is best to go with the machine’s suggestion as they turned out to be the best. All the stitches on the machine underwent testing and the results were quite impressive. With the exception of a few decorative stitches, all others were firm and well built. There were no loose threads and the tacking was done perfectly. Also, the final knot was made to perfection and was hardly noticeable to the eye.

Despite being an entry level machine, the Singer 7442 comes with an impressive list of accessories. There is a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, a blind stitch foot among the included ones. These drastically improve the performance and capabilities of the machine. In addition, thoughtful inclusions such as reverse stitching and needle position make the machine a pleasure to use. The testing proved that this machine is indeed a great performer even though it lacks a lot of automation. Even the needle threading system needs some effort on the user unlike most competing machines which take care of everything.

In addition to the lack of appropriate automation, the Singer 7442 faces some other fundamental drawbacks. Firstly, the machine tends to vibrate at high stitching speeds. This is especially evident when working with some utility stitches. There seems to be no solution to this but then again, the problem is quite sporadic. In addition, the buttonholes tend to jam occasionally. This too has happened only a few times but the fact that it is there is discomforting. On the whole, the machine works for those learning and those constrained by a budget. If you can afford something with more automation, go for it.


  • Great value for money
  • Impressive collection of stitches
  • Amazing accessories included with machine

  • Buttonholes jam occasionally
  • Machine vibrates at high speeds
  • Lack of automatic needle threading system

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