Singer 7469Q

A lot of the sewing machines in the market come with a great set of accessories and attachments but the quality of work that can be produced using them is nowhere close to that done on specialized machines. This is because, though the attachments and accessories are available, the essential mechanism on the inside is not the best fit one. The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Model Sewing and Quilting Machine is an electronic sewing machine designed especially for quilts and other large projects in general. It comes with a whole host of features and functions that make stitching something that big a simple job.

The Singer 7469Q is no different from any of its fraternity on the outset but a close inspection reveals that the entire body is made from metal which is a significant improvement over using plastic. As hard as plastic might be it still doesn’t offer the same protection as metal and certainly doesn’t look as good! Coming to the functions, the machine comes with 98 built-in stitches and the choice of seven fully automatic buttonholes. This is a rather large choice for a machine that is devoted to stitching quilts together. Among the 98 are various decorative ones too and some especially functional ones that will do wonders to hold thick pieces of fabric together. The stitches can be adjusted and this feature was tested to a large extent because it is what makes this machine so impressive.

Being a computerized machine, the Singer 7469Q offers several automated facilities such as the automatic needle threading. This seems to be commonplace in a lot of machines in today’s market but this one does the job properly and to the right tension. There is no bunching up of the thread in the bobbin despite running the machine for quite a while under stress conditions that involved stitching patchwork together that was made from decently thick fabric. In addition, controlling the stitching is all automatic and quite sensitive so users will be fully in charge. Furthermore, the buttonholes require just a push of a button and it will be made to the user’s liking.

As the name says, this machine is designed mainly for quilt manufacturing and there are quite a few accessories that make this possible. Firstly, the machine comes with an extension table that can be attached and removed at will. This adds a lot of workspace which is essential for putting together something as big as a quilt. The drop feed allows for a freer stitching style that can is unhampered by the machine. It is essential for getting together the top layer of a quilt or any big project for that matter. Along with the quilting accessories there are those needed for zippers and the like coupled with some screwdrivers and seam rippers for simpler working through the fabric.

While this machine has a lot of great features and makes for an amazing machine to use, there are some aspects of it to watch out for. In some cases the stitching slips and the tension goes haywire. This happened only once or twice and it seems random but it has occurred for regular users of the machine too. There seems to be no solution to this except to reload the bobbin into the machine again and continue with the work. With this exception, this machine is great and works wonders for both small scale stitching and recreational projects at home but it comes for a little higher than what would have been ideal.


  • Specialized functions make quilting easy
  • Large number of included accessories
  • Sturdy metal body

  • Random slip in timing
  • Little on the expensive side of the market

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