Singer 7470

SINGER 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine

Price: $329.78

3.8 out of 5 stars (124 customer reviews)

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Some products do just that their name suggests and the Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine, part of the Confidence line of machines from the popular manufacturer is no different. With its amazing features, it will give any user the confidence to become a professional learning a variety of new skills along the way with its help. This machine is built to suit tailoring of any level, from novice to professional and it does its job perfectly. We had a great time working with this machine and in fact did a bit more than the normal testing and the results were quite pleasing. Working normally, all common tasks were easily taken care of and more advanced projects like quilting were done away by the machine with great ease.

The Singer 7470 is designed to make life simpler while stitching. This happens because of the numerous computerized and automatic features which include an automatic needle threading and the drop and sew mechanism for the bobbin which places the thread in the exact position. Moreover, there are 150 built-in stitches that cover both utility and decorative stitches. This means that the machine can be used to start and finish a project in one go, unlike a lot of competing machines that have only a limited number of decorative ones. Buttonholes can be made in a jiffy too as there are four varieties of one-step buttonholes included in the machine.

Controlling the machine is child’s play thanks to the LCD panel and the huge array of buttons that allow for stitch selection and adjustment. The tension is automatically adjusted based on the stitch but there is the option of changing it to suit the user’s preference. Selecting and adjusting is very simple and the screen tells everything despite its small size. The interesting feature of this machine is the memory function. The Singer 7470 has the option of storing as many as 20 characters or names or short phrases that can later be stitched onto the fabric as a signature of some sort. These are done by the built-in block alphabets. Storing a name and the like is a simple job and is done easily through the LCD screen.

In addition to all the above neat features, there are some thoughtful inclusions that make stitching more worthwhile with this machine. The best is the choice to position the needle either on top or bottom depending upon what was stitched. This is stored the needle stops the way users want it to once the machine comes to a halt. In addition, tacking a stitch, especially those complicated decorative ones, is easy with the automatic function and this one works great to remove any loose ends and threads.

While working with this machine is very easy and very efficient, thanks to the small automated functions such as tying off, there are some aspects which can be improved on. They are by no means shortcomings but our testing showed that they could have been better. Firstly, the automatic threading system takes quite long. The job is efficiently done but it should be done quicker. While the automatic reversing option is handy, the button should be pressed at all times for it to go through easily. This makes stitching a little inconvenient. On the whole, the machine is quiet, smooth and works great. There is nothing putting off about this one and even the price works in its favor. Easily the best in the market within its price range and beyond.


  • Great automatic functions make stitching easier
  • Amazing value for money
  • Auto tension is very precise and perfect

  • Weight is quite high; hard to carry around
  • Automatic threading takes a long time

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March 30, 2012

stitchwitch @ 5:42 pm #

Just received this machineĀ  gave it quite a work out . It performed extremely well- no problems -Very pleased with purchase- I am a veteran sewer – Many years of dressmaking –

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