Singer 8763

SINGER | Curvy 8763 Computerized Free-Arm Handy Sewing Machine

Price: $186.99

4.1 out of 5 stars (201 customer reviews)

52 used & new available from $137.23

With a small footprint and a great design, the Singer 8763 Curvy Electronic Sewing Machine is out to get some stitching done and the low price does help! When classified by price, this machine will easily fall in the entry category but the functions it has are very impressive. The overall performance of this machine may not be up to the mark but it is not meant for heavy stitching. Instead, it makes up for with a whole host of unexpected features and capabilities that are usually unheard of in a machine that is this cheap.

The first aspect we will look at is the design. The machine can be described rather humorously as cute. Colors used are quite appealing to the eye and the design is probably what gives it the Curvy name. Moreover, it is quite small in size but the weight is quite high making it rather sturdy. This means that the machine can take the pounding it receives from the spinning electric motor on the inside and leave the fabric free from most damage.

The Singer 8763 offers what this well known manufacturer is most famous for: customizable stitching. The panel on the front of the machine lets the user adjust the parameters of the stitch from the length and tension to the speed as well, which can also be manipulated using the foot control. Moreover, the choice of stitch can be chosen. While this machine is electronic, it is not computerized. The adjustments are made with sliding stitches and the like as opposed to buttons. There are 30 stitches to choose from and these are supported by a choice of two one step buttonholes, which can be punched in a jiffy.

Thought the machine is not computerized, it does take care of the basic functions automatically. Singer calls its automatic needle threading mechanism the best time saver there is and this machine offers that along with the drop and sew bobbin system that makes winding and threading even quicker. Best part here is that the user is saved the trouble of carefully threading the needle. In addition, there is a dedicated switch that reverses the direction of sewing almost instantaneously and this works to easily add strength to the seam.

Performance wise, the machine is rated to go as high as 750 stitches per minute. However, at this high speed, the thread looked to waver frequently and it was hard to maintain the straight line. This wasn’t a continuous occurrence but constant vigil is required on the user’s part to ensure that things do not go wrong. However, at medium speeds, the stitching is smooth and all of the 30 stitches can be done properly without any loose ends. The finishing of the machine is perfect and there are no visible thread fragments on the completed project. The twin needle mechanism offers some interesting advantages, both functionally and aesthetically. Parallel rows can add some much needed beauty along the seam and with two needles, threading need not be done all the time. Moreover, there are two types of feeding mechanism offered here, the 6 segment and the box feed each of which are clearly explained in the included DVD so users can choose the best one for their projects.

On the whole, the Singer 8763 Curvy makes for a good beginner machine if lack of computerization is not a problem. It can take care of small projects in the house but heavy projects such as denim or vinyl are possibly beyond reach.


  • Great value for money
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Reasonable performance at medium speeds

  • Very few built in stitches
  • Heavy weight makes it inconvenient to handle

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