Singer Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer sewing machines are among the most popular and arguably the best line of sewing machines in the world and they have been since a significant period of time. The Singer brand is responsible for some of the most effective innovations in the sewing machines and the Singer sewing machines reflect this through their effectiveness and ease of use. In fact the first electronic sewing machines were developed by Singer!

There is no typical style of Singer machines but the ones in the market today are all very easy to use even for a learner. They have an engaging interface and the machines with a higher level of automation require nothing more than the push of a few buttons to get the job under way. Moreover, Singer sewing machines were always known for the quality of the motor inside them; even heavy duty ones are fitted with a high powered one to ensure that the stitching goes on smoothly. The more evolved models have a large library of stitches to choose from, with the best machines offering as many as a couple hundred variants.

Apart from the historical significance of being the first sewing machine ever, Singer sewing machines stand apart from the rest by way of their build quality and level of comfort. The plastics used for the outer casing are very durable and the stitching area is usually illuminated by a bright lamp that was again developed by Singer. Moreover, almost all the current machines offer an automatic threading system and a bobbin winding system which is not always available in machines from competing brands.

Singer has an interesting pricing policy that matches the range of machines. There are entry-level ones for recreational stitching as well as well built machines that cater to professional needs. On the whole, Singer sewing machines are the world standard and take stitching to a whole new level.

With a large list of features and almost zero problems, Singer 7258 is everything that a beginner or an intermediate sewer would want. It is ideal to use occasionally at home for recreational tailoring or fixing clothes but with the right accessories, even medium scale stitching can be taken care of. The low price is a great advantage but using this machine heavily might result in some functioning problems during later stages. It is quite possible among the highest value for money machines on the market.

If you are looking for a budget machine that can do the basic stitching and especially if you need things done on a large scale, this is the way to go. With a great collection of accessories for such a low price, the Singer 4411 is definitely the budget machine of the market but if decorative stitches are a priority and you are not comfortable with manual threading, pick out something else.

For those users looking for something that can conveniently stitch large projects with ease, the Singer 7469Q is the best machine out there, provided you are willing to stretch the budget a little. Along with a variety of features and accessories and functions that make it ideal for jobs like quilting, this machine does a great job out of regular stitching too. What is more impressive is the build quality which renders this machine quite strong and good looking.

If a cheap, easy to use machine is all that you are looking for, then the Singer 8763 is the way to go. As an entry level machine, this one has no computerization but offers the bare minimum of automated functions and they go a long way. Moreover, the built in stitches, though few in number are great to work with. Not suitable for specialized projects but it is more than capable of tackling the occasional repair and mending.

For those of you looking for a basic sewing machine, especially if you are on a strict budget, the Singer 3323S is the way to go. This machine performs the basic functions with tremendous ease but by no means is it going to touch anything to do with heavy design. Moreover, if you are looking for something computerized, this is not the way to go. Great to use in the house especially for learning purposes and fixing small projects but not the option for heavy stitching.

The Singer 7470 is easily among the best in the market right now thanks to the variety of automatic functions and impressive features. The machine caters to almost every level of stitching as it is great for learning as well as for professionals. It is a quiet beast at its heart and the computerization just put it into the modern world! Unless you are looking for a heavy duty, highly specific machine this one is the way to go and it won’t even hurt your wallet too much.

If you have just gotten rid of the conventional machine but are not yet ready to move to a computerized one, the Singer 7442 forms the perfect intermediate. It offers the same functionality as the mechanical machines without the input of human effort. This primitive machine is low on features but quite high on performance and finishes projects to a reasonable quality. Considering its price, it is a good buy but if budget permits, there are better options in the market.

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